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  • "My mind is a garden and my thoughts are the seeds. I should not be allowing any weeds to grow in my garden and if a weed starts growing in my garden. I must learn to remove it. from the root. Leftover roots will cause the weeds to grow again." -taking care of my garden
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    Ie'shia McDonald

    Ie'shia McDonald

    I am a current student at the University of Missouri (go Tigers!) I am a lover of all things artistic. Join me on my journey as I write about my concerns and display my published work as well.

2013-12-29 14.08.21

Good Hair Sunday

Had a good hair today! What did I do? Since yesterday was my day in, my hair was still in chunky twists (new night time routine). For my definition I simple split these chunky twists in half and twisted them individually. Check out the volume! Oh, and if you’re wondering to re-moisturize, I used Shea … Continue reading

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Straightening Adventures

I was in need of a change. I was tired of manipulating- and by manipulating I mean detangling, twisting, brushing, pulling up, etc. I deserved a break from doing all of that when I was away in Argentina. So, I decided to straighten it. The perfect protective style (using that term loosely) because of the … Continue reading

Argentina Day 97

I saw a homeless man ride the bus today. He smelt like sweat and ruin. He paid with 3 pesos in coins and slowly walked to an available seat. A black baseball cap covered his gray hair, with a matching sweat jacket and long denim shorts that hung off of his no more than 120-pound … Continue reading


November Playlist

November was a crazy month for me. Deadlines, applications, papers, exams and wrapping up my stay in Buenos Aires (still in denial about leaving in a few days.) The songs below are an eclectic list of songs, but totally describe what my month was like. A lot of random moments that made me laugh, forget … Continue reading


Argentina Day 80: Todo caerá en su lugar

“Everything will fall into place” My experience in Buenos Aires is nearly over! It’s crazy how fast time has gone by. I speak to my friends and family back at home, and they tell me that it seems as if I’ve been gone for more than three months, but I honestly I feel as if … Continue reading


October Playlist

The following songs, are a list of tracks that I could not help but have on repeat in the month of October! If you would like to hear this playlist track-by-track, head over to my tumblr page and check them out. Own It – Drake Do You Want To – Elle Varner Everybody’s Something – … Continue reading

Not the tiniest, but still very tiny.

Finally, the details on my mini twists!

So, the bad news is that my video editor is currently undergoing some issues, but the good news is I’m finally going to give you all the details of my mini twist upkeep and results! I started on two-week-old hair to obtain the length I wanted from these twists. It took probably around 3 hours … Continue reading

Traveling while black: I was constantly mistaken for a prostitute in Buenos Aires

Originally posted on theGrio:
“Puta! cuanto?” — or “Whore, how much?” — were the words that were hurled at me almost every day during my five month study-abroad stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was astounded! When I decided to study abroad in Argentina I knew that I would not see many black people there. …

Black son, an essay

An essay about why it is scary to raise a black son in today’s society, by yours truly. I decided the other day that I would not like to raise a Black son, but if I were to have a Black son, I imagine him to be the complexion of brown sugar, with features of … Continue reading

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Argentina Day 64: Mi futuro

“My Future” As time keeps going here, I’m realizing more and more that after I leave Buenos Aires, life is going to get so real. I’ll be done with my last first semester of my undergraduate career, and beginning my last (crazy to think about). I’ll also be finding out what I’ll be doing after. … Continue reading

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